Paris Hilton back behind bars in LA

Paris Hilton awoke Saturday behind bars again in a maximum security detention center where the distraught hotel heiress was believed to be undergoing medical and psychiatric evaluations. Hilton, in tears and screaming for her mother, was taken to the downtown Twin Towers detention center Friday after a judge ordered her back to jail, ending her brief stint under house arrest at her Hollywood Hills home.

The evaluations will help determine the best jail to keep her in as she serves the rest of her sentence for violating probation in a reckless driving case.

A day earlier, “The Simple Life” star had been escorted from the courtroom shouting “It’s not right!”

Hilton’s lawyers sought to keep her out of jail on grounds that the 26-year-old was suffering an unspecified medical condition. Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer suggested that could be taken care of at jail medical facilities.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore declined to discuss details of Hilton’s case Saturday, including the state of her medical evaluations, citing laws against revealing such information on inmates.

“All I can say, as with all the inmates in this facility, they are monitored continuously,” Whitmore said.

Although Whitmore wouldn’t discuss Hilton’s condition, Sheriff Lee Baca indicated at a news conference Friday that it was psychological.

He said she arrived at her original jail with a condition he hadn’t been apprised of and that it immediately began to deteriorate to the point that he feared for her safety.

“When you’re talking about psychological problems it’s far more complex and it does require a more complex medical approach,” Baca said. “We didn’t have all of our information.”

When she went to Twin Towers, Baca said he was placing Hilton in a “better facility for her condition, meaning one that has a more intense form of medical support.” He said she’d be kept under close watch to ensure “that there isn’t anything harmful done to herself by herself, which is a great concern to me.”

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