Pictures and Cell Phone Video of Paris Hilton in Jail Already on the Internet

By L. Winslow Platinum Quality AuthorThe paparazzi has out done themselves this time as they have snuck a cell phone with a video camera on it into the LA County Jail. One paparazzi stated on MSN that he believed that the amount of money that this video and the digital pictures might bring could be upwards of a few hundred thousand dollars and this is the picture of a lifetime for the would-be paparazzi.

The Sheriff says that they will be on the look out for anyone trying to sneak in any micro cameras or cell phones, unfortunately for him they are already there on the inside and got there inside a human being too. Will the pictures and cell phone video of Paris Hilton injail be on the Internet soon and what sort of a price tag will it garner? Will people pay to see the video on the Internet? What sort of price might that be? Pay-per-view Internet style.

Paris Hilton is a big-time celebrity of our day and it is amazing the lengths some people will go to snap an extra un-authorized photo of her. Of course the Sheriff will most likely prosecute who ever tries to the full extent of the law and they will be doing more time then Paris Hilton her self.

When can we expect these photos and videos on the Internet? Well some already are, but they are not real. The real digital pictures and videos will be forth coming and certainly available to all before she even gets out.

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